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Goodreads Indie Club Book of the Month – non fantasy.

I would say this is Sci-fi with a lot of fantasy elements.

This is an interesting old-school sci-fi. A bounty hunter and former soldier is tasked to find info on the Star Wraith, a mysterious and deadly ship which has been terrorising the galaxy. Humans now inhabit Orion, leaving Earth to be reclaimed and cleansed by nature after centuries of abuse from humans.  Aliens look upon the Terrans with wariness, some friendly others less so.

The Star Wraith is heading towards Orion and the human race and must be stopped but it is a ship of secrets. The motley gang of bounty hunters, assassins, failed pilots, arrogant androids and mysterious aliens find themselves deep in plots within plots and secrets within secrets.  They need to stop a war they didn’t even know had started and stop the past becoming the future and now they are the most wanted men and women in the galaxy. Although there is only one female character she is a strong and independent women who is easily the equal of the male protagonists.

This was an entertaining read with good flashes of humour, exciting spaceships, grumpy aliens and even dragons and killer droids.  The twist is unexpected, just when you think you have worked it out.

There were a few areas I didn’t think quite worked, for me at least, but over all was well written and enjoyable, with moments which made me laugh out loud.

I look forward to the follow up.

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