Good Reads Indie Book club Fantasy read for April 2013 and well worth it!


4 star Goodreads rating.

Firstly I would like to say I really enjoyed the story. The pace was quite fast and the world interesting and intriguing. The characters were a lot of fun, all had their own agenda and there were a number of twists I did not expect, especially with the character Reaper. The MFC was interesting; at once young, naive and at the same time, powerful, ancient and misunderstood. There were the requisite hateable characters and those who were simply trying to survive. Although there were quite a distinct good guys and bad guys even then the lines were blurred and mistakes and petty differences were often close to the surface, especially towards the end. The relationship between the characters was entertaining, funny, sad, complex and angry sometimes all at once.

There were dragons, which of course are great! The history of the dragons, their relationships to the other races and the lore of the world were interesting and well handled. The character of Enthor was very intriguing, leaving more questions unanswered about his past and his motives.

The magic was handled well, with good descriptions of the spells and effects and the fear the use of magic had on the characters, including those wielding it was interesting.

So why not 5 stars?
I did find the shifting points of view slightly confusing in places, although mostly it was done well I do find it hard to manage and the jumping around sometimes made it hard to keep track. (Well for someone with a brain as tiny as mine.)

There were also a number of editing issues, but that said I believe the author will be rectifying those in a re-release.

Overall – good story and good read, will be looking out for the follow up.