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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

The Second Diary by Ciara Threadgoode


Don’t forget Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday 12 May this year in Australia and the US. This book would make the perfect gift for your mother.


When people keep diaries, they usually record trite tidbits of daily life. Dorothy Rose Nolte Hughes, however, hides a second diary under the polka-dot towels and causes quite a stir in the family. Her use of metaphor, alliteration, and analogies keep readers learning some new turns-of-phrase and laughing while uncovering some family truths that lay hidden from the world.

Dottie’s daughter isn’t interested in the language and turn-of-phrase, however, only the secrets revealed to the one who finds the diary. Dottie’s favorite granddaughter, her husband, and their six dachshunds take care of Granny, but her diary leaves them not only befuddled and confused but also excited and elevated in spirit.

Moving back and forth between the…

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