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This was the Goodreads Indie Club Book of the Month in June.

I really enjoyed this fantasy adventure. A lot of work has gone into producing a believable and detailed world, including a well thought out and complex monetary system, although you do need to use the glossary to truly appreciate it.

The characters also are complex and well rounded. Ticca is fascinating and it is refreshing to see a female hero who does not take any nonsense nor need a man to protect her. There is a lot to the Daggers, their society and codes and the rivalry with the more base Knives.

I loved Lebuin, he was extremely funny. Vain, over-confident and rather shallow he soon discovers the world beyond the mage-guild is dangerous and people keep trying kill him. He is obsessed with cleanliness and when forced to dress as a peasant his inner dialogue is great. The magic is described well enough, especially the artefacts although these seem to diminish a little later on. There is a little vagueness about his relationship with Magus Cune, ranging from hostility to hints that not all is not as it seems.

Duke is not what he first appears but he soon becomes the main focus of the latter part of the book. He is rude, arrogant, dangerous and amusing but he gets things done and he is very powerful. There are hints about his past, some of which are expanded.

The plot itself is more complex than it seems, there is a lot of politics happening and a lot of factions and I did find the it a little confusing keeping up with who was working with whom.

I did find myself wanting more from the ending as it was a cliff-hanger but many people like that. I will definitely check out the next installment.

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