Interesting post. There is a lot of information given to new writers and a lot is contradictory.

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New writers get advice all the time about following the lead of already established, favorite and best-selling authors. With that said, a lot of these best-selling authors write large volumes of words with hundreds of pages to back them up. And then when unknown authors write that 120,000 – 150,000 word novel, polish it and publish it onLulu or CreateSpace, they are told their novels should NOT be longer than 70,000 words. There are some articles floating around out there, basically saying that unknowns go to bookstores and see these huge books in the genre they write in and attempt to do the same.

The same people writing said articles, could very well be the same ones giving the tips on following the lead of those best-selling authors. Can you say CONTRADICTION? I’ll cut them some slack because most of the word count advice is geared toward…

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