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When writing fiction, an author will often wish to include science, scientific concepts, or other facts and ideas drawn from the real world. Sometimes this works to the author’s advantage, sometimes it falls flat. In this article I will discuss several ways in which science is used in writing, what makes it work and what doesn’t.

Why include science?

Drawing information from the real world and applying it to fantastical or futuristic setting can add authenticity to the situation and make it more tangible and believable for the reader. Completely ignoring the laws of physics, group psychology, economics, or other concepts which a large portion of the readership intuitively understand can make the story unbelievable and hamper the audience’s suspension of disbelief.

How to incorporate science well:

1. Clarity

Presenting a complicated and nuanced concept in a clear and easy to understand manner can be difficult, but is often required…

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