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Legends of Windemere

Isaiah can barely hear the warning bell and the screams of Haven’s citizens as he dodges a black lightning bolt. He swiftly responds with a barrage of silver stakes that sail wide of their target. The old caster isn’t aware of anyone else on the battlefield until a wave of intense heat from Nyx’s fire blast warms the soles of his feet. The red-scaled caster takes a risky second to see who has come to help protect the city. He quickly disperses a barrage of acid claws with a wall of sound before a blurred form on his right distracts him. For a brief instance, Isaiah can see Talos carving through the undead army. He looks the other way to see a pile of bodies starting to form on Kalam’s side of the battlefield. He can only assume that Luke is responsible. The undead army has already begun to turn…

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