Author Interview Number Nine – Jamie Campbell

Hi and welcome to the Library of Erana, a place of words and of their magic. Words are power, they are knowledge and they are freedom.

Welcome to Jamie Campbell

Please tell us a little about yourself. I have been writing for about 6 years. I love writing anything and everything, it consumes my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. I am based on the Gold Coast, Australia and love using the diverse culture as inspiration.

Please tell us a little about your writing – for example genre, title, etc. I write Young Adult Paranormal novels, usually with an element of mystery, intrigue, and romance. My latest novel “A World Without Angels” is the first in a series revolving around guardian angels and their war with demons. My next novel, “Dark Eyes: Cursed” tells the story of a fifteen year old girl determined to break the witch’s curse on her boyfriend.

Where can readers find your book?

At Amazon:

How long have you been writing and what, if anything, made you choose the genre in which you write? I’ve been writing professionally for six years. I always loved it, from the moment I could hold a pencil, I was writing something. I have always had a vivid imagination so writing was something productive that I could do with it. I started off writing adult murder mysteries (I sometimes still do) but I found myself being pulled to the younger audience. Now, I think I fit there nicely.

Who or what are your inspirations/influences? Inspiration is found everywhere – things I overhear, things I see, songs I listen to. Anything can prompt a character and story to appear in front of me. I have always been inspired by J.K. Rowling’s story and her books, they take you into a wonderful world and I hope to be able to do that for my readers.

Can you name a positive experience from your writing and a negative one? I get wonderful emails from people telling me how much they enjoyed my book. Every one of those is special and I treasure it. A negative one has to be if I get a not-so-good review from a reader, they are a punch to the gut. Thankfully, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

With the rise of e-books do you still publish in print as well? Is this medium important and why? I print all my full-length novels as well. I am a lover of books, I love the way they feel in your hand, their smell, and having that tangible thing in front of you. I love e-books too, but I don’t think anything beats holding a good book. To me, they’re important for that reason.

Do you listen to music or watch TV whilst you write? Yes to both. I like noise so I always have to have something on in the background. Although, I get a lot more done when I listen to music rather than watching TV.

Books are important, why is this the case? What can a book provide that say a video game cannot? Books are stories that are played out in your mind, they are therefore unique to every single reader. A book fosters an imagination, let alone the benefits of expanding your vocabulary, your spelling, your literacy. With video games, all the work is done for you, there is no uniqueness to it. What one person sees, everyone does. 

Can you give us a silly fact about yourself? I am obsessed with television and truly believe the characters are real, they just live in TV land.


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