Inspiration Versus Motivation

I agree, sometimes the spark isn’t there and it is easy to sit back and let the fire die, poke it, pile stuff on it and eventually it will blaze again, all nice and warm.

Foil & Phaser

Writing is hard. Sometimes you need a little help. Each Sunday, Foil & Phaser will present inspirational and motivational posts to help you break through your writer’s block and get you working again.

Since ancient times, people have looked to the muses to breathe life into their stories, or so the romantic version of history would have you believe. We here at Foil & Phaser are all writers, so we know the value of inspiration and how ephemeral it can be. What I’d like to talk about is motivation, and that is an entirely different animal.

Many new, struggling writers will tell you that they need to be inspired before they can sit down at the computer and tap out that masterpiece. The truth is that a major difference between an aspiring writer and a published one is the ability to write when you don’t feel inspired. For professional…

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