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Welcome to my blog interviews with novelists, short story authors, scriptwriters, and more.  Today’s is with author Roxanne Smolen.

Armen: Hello, Roxanne. Please tell us something about yourself, and how you came to be an author.

Roxanne:  Hello, Armen. Thank you for having me here today. I’ve been writing songs and poetry since kindergarten. When I was in high school, I graduated to short stories thanks to the encouragement of Ms. Sanderson, my teacher. In the year 2000, I lost my eyesight as well as my job. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write a book. I’ve since written twelve novels. More on the way.

Armen:  Teachers do a lot more than instruct us in the basics.  One of my elementary teachers, Mrs. Windt, was a powerful motivator for me.  When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Roxanne:  I was always a secret writer, but I never…

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