Useful, sometimes the creativity takes a holiday.

the writer's refuge

Jack LondonAt some point every writer makes this mistake; waitingfor inspiration. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, or wishful thinking, inspiration doesn’t strike like a lightning bolt.

More often, inspiration is generated by “doing something.” Stuck on the last chapter of your novel, well, write an alternative opening paragraph in Chapter One to stimulate your mind and refuel your creativity. Got writer’s block in the middle of your book? Brainstorm the ending, tighten up the dialogue that troubled you in Chapter Five, or read your favorite chapter in your favorite book. You know, the novel that made you want to be a writer. The point is, do something! Don’t wait for inspiration, let it catch up to you.

American author, Jack London (Call of the Wild) was one of the first fiction writers to obtain worldwide celebrity and amass a large fortune from fiction writing alone. Perhaps he said it…

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