Many authors do not like the idea of free books but KDP Select is one way of getting a book “out there” whether it will lead to paid sales, reviews and such like is open to question. Some get a lot of benefit out of KDPS and some don’t. Many authors prefer to cast their net wider and use other platforms. Anyway here are some of the facts.

Words on the Page has been a lot of talk over the last couple of years about Amazon’s Kindle Select program. For those not familiar with it, enrollment in the program allows you 5 free days in every 90 day period during which you’re enrolled. You don’t have to do anything except choose your days; Amazon lowers the price to $0 and then raises it back for you. It also allows your books to be borrowed by those who are members of Amazon Prime. You get paid out of a general fund for each of your borrows. The price per borrow is figured out by taking the total number of borrows across Amazon for the month and dividing it by the number of books enrolled. The pot for July was $1m, so it’s not chump change. The payment per borrow normally comes out somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.

Another author, Michelle, who…

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