My blog is fairly new and I admit I hesitated before getting one. Why? Well I was worried no one would want to read it, it would take up all my time and I wouldn’t know what to say. I am still not sure about the last couple of points but I have a few followers. Blogs can reflect a writer and a reader, and are more personal that an author page on facebook. I think the advice about not shoving your product in the face of your followers. My books have their page which, of course, I am very happy if people visit but if they don’t that is dandy as well.

Words, Words, Words

Everyone says you should have a blog. If you’re a writer you need a blog. EVERY. WRITER. NEEDS. A. BLOG. But why? I haven’t seen many lists detailing the reasons why, just stating that writers should. So, here I have for you all, as always, a list. Go onward, if you dare.

    A blog is an independent page. It doesn’t rely on Twitter, FaceBook, or Google+. Using something like Twitter, FB, or G+ as a home base is hard to spread out. You isolate people who may dislike Twitter, or who don’t use G+, or people who hate FB. Your home base should be independent, but also a place that you can link and advertise to your other networks.
    Depending on what blog platform you end up using, you can have complete creative control. Make it your own and let everyone know who you…

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