I have loved this show from the moment I heard the music. Happy, happy dance,


Growing up, one of my favorite movies to watch was The Phantom of the Opera. Little did I know that this movie was the longest-running show on Broadway. For years, audiences have walked away with a thrill from this exciting story of romance, heartbreak, and mystery. The Phantom, a musical, haunted genius, falls in love with ballet dancer Christine Daae but suddenly she is swept off her feet by her childhood lover, Raoul. The Phantom teaches Christine to become a better singer and guides her to becoming the lead in the Opera House. In the end, Christine is forced to choose between the two men: the Phantom, who has helped her reach her musical talents or Raoul, the childhood friend that she can trust and depend on.

My experience after seeing the show was the same for most. I instantly became a “phan” and could not stop singing the famous…

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