Here is the author spotlight for Constance Williams, who featured on my blog a few weeks ago. She is author of the week for the Goodreads Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance and Dystopia readers and writers group.

Home of the 'Guardians' and the 'Teragon Knights'

Author Spotlight: Constance Williams, Author of Fantasy, Fiction & Young Adult

The Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Writers and Reviewers Group Featured Author 7th August 2013

About the Author
Constance wrote her first book at the age of five. Written in crayon and bound together with string, it was most certainly not a best seller! It was, though, the start of a lifelong love of the written word.

These days, Constance spends some of her time at her perfectly normal day job on the English coast and the rest of her time exploring the mountains of her mind. The view is quite excellent in both places.

She has found that writing is a constant battle between herself and her cat as to who gets use of the keyboard. Apparently it makes a very comfortable bed.

Where to Find Constance.

The Books(co-authored with Lillian Bishop).
The Dreamwalker…

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