Here is one of the Sword and Laser submissions which did not quite make the cut. Of all the stories only 20 were chosen so many lovely stories, unfortunately, did not get picked. This one made me chuckle.

Foil & Phaser

Since I helped create this site in part as a home for leftover stories from The Sword  Laser Anthology submissions, it would be a little hypocritical if I didn’t put one of my own up. I hope you get a chuckle or two from reading it. I think I was inspired by some of the S&L forum discussions on Goodreads. In my defence, I wrote this on the last day and submitted it two hours before the deadline. It’s only 1500 words, but I thought it would have made a good prologue.

Putting the Argument to Rest

By Sean Sandulak

I can’t believe you like fantasy over science fiction,” said Tyrell. “Elves and trolls are for babies.”

Caprice put the copy of Dragon Prisoner back on the used bookstore shelf and looked at her boyfriend with a mix of disgust and disbelief. “Actually, fantasy is making a huge comeback. It’s outselling sci-fi in…

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