Indie Block Party…Character Interview.

Indie block party smallOne of the suggestions for activities for the Indie Block Party was a Character Interview. It was hard, believe me. I wasn’t sure which character to interview, not wanting to end up with spoilers and poor Dii’Athella has had such a difficult life it didn’t seem appropriate.

So here is an interview with my main male character – Lord Archos of Tremellic.

Archos is a mage, and a powerful one. He is quite old (how old gets revealed in book 2) and certainly doesn’t look his age. He is handsome, with long grey-flecked blonde hair, storm-grey eyes and the rest… well find out for yourself.

What was your life like growing up?

I was born during a time of great upheaval, the Plague was rife and the Order of Witch-Hunters imposed martial law. Needless to say as my father was a sorcerer and I was a Skychild we were hunted. I always knew who I was and was not ashamed of it, but even with our wealth life was often difficult. I recall more than one occasion when we had to flee with little more than the packs we could carry. We were very lucky in our friends and allies. Yet no family was left untouched by the wars and the darkness which covered the land. Kin and friends risked their lives to shelter us and some paid the price.

How would you describe your personality? I am the Lord of the Storm, my moods reflect that.

Who are your closest friends? Olek, my faithful Olek. I found him in a condemned cell and his skills were useful to me. More than that he is shrewd, loyal and a close companion. There is nothing with which I would not trust him. He would die for me and I for him.  We have been friends for many years and he has taught me a great deal. I recognise talent and potential, Olek is a very talented thief and assassin but he is also clever. He will put up with my moods uncomplaining, will offer advice when it is needed but unwanted and still care enough to risk my wrath. I am not an easy man to live with. Of course there is my beloved Dii’Athella but more about her later.

Who do you love? My beautiful Dii’Athella, my pretty flower. I loved her the moment I saw her image, the moment I felt her magic.  Even after such a terrible life she is kind and gentle, clever and brave.  My beautiful elven girl makes me a better man.

Who do you hate, and why? I hate the Order of Witch-Hunters and I hate slavers. The Order take life simply because a person happens to be an elf, or born with magic. All they do is for the Order not for the population at large but they hold the people in so much fear their rule is law. Slavers, foul traders of flesh. Destroyers of family, they take people for gold, treat them worse than cattle. The hatred within me burns but they will fall. Erana will be free.

What do you collect? Magical artefacts, books and antiques. I try to preserve what I can from the old world. Lore and history are our past. So much has been lost, and so much taken. That which remains should be protected.


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