Indie Block Party

Just over 30  authors are participating in this ‘indie block party’ get together.  It is a mixed bag of goodies so please support the other blogs and pay a visit.  contains the complete list of blogs.

#IndieBP for liking and sharing:)

19-24th August:  Indie block party smallAuthors will introduce themselves for newcomers, information about books and Works in Progress, character interviews and guest interviews from neighbours.

25-30th August: Bloggers chat about they books they are currently reading, their top 5 recommended books, writing tips and social networking tips.

It is a great way to meet new folk, find new books and blogs and perhaps pick up some tips.

So here I go….

Introduce yourself….

  • Why did you start writing? Both reading and writing are a good form of escapism, and a great way to discover new worlds, new people and new outlooks. I love creating new worlds and new lives… maybe it is a craving for power…
  • How long have you been writing? As I said I have always loved to read so I suppose I have been making up stories and poems for almost as long. I can’t remember not having something creative on the go. At school I was often asked to write a short story or poem for the class display. Always an imaginative child I had my fair share of imaginary friends…now they live in my books.
  • What is your favourite genre? My reading tastes are quite varied. I love fantasy, some sci-fi, historical fiction (which I am currently reading), erotica, true crime, mystery and history. I read romance too but I prefer historical or fantasy romance to contemporary.  I enjoy the classics and many of these have had a profound effect on me, and my writing.
  • What is your blog about? My blog is about reading, writing and “all things wordy”.  I am running a series of interviews with other authors, and with readers and reviewers. The reader interviews are fascinating; I know what I enjoy in a book but what about the next person. If reviews are anything to go by an author cannot please everyone. Some readers seem to think world-building is important, others prefer strong characters, some hate info dumps, some love them. Reviews play a lesser role on how readers find their books than you would think but there seems to be no hard and fast rule on what works. As a writer this is useful information, as a reader…I am nosy. Please feel free to check out the interviews.
  • The blog also features a series of articles and interviews with readers and authors who have some form of restricted vision. I decided to blog about this as my father’s sight is now very limited due to a combination of age and a long standing injury. I remember him struggling to get large print books from the library and struggling through non-large print books, even though he enjoys reading.  He is not technical and a tablet or kindle is not an option. A good friend is also of low vision and she too finds the choices rather limited.
  • My books are also mentioned on the blog, of course.
  • Plus there are photos and shared articles which interest me.
  • What do you do when you’re not writing? I read a lot. I watch TV and movies, especially fantasy, sci-fi and films in which stuff blows up and the heroes do very improbable things.
  • I used to play a lot of RPGs but since the group had to stop playing I haven’t really got back into it.  I am considering writing an RPG for my world or resurrecting the system I wrote a while ago.
  • I also play PC games if my back problems allow it. Yes I am a geek;) (my author interview)

6 thoughts on “Indie Block Party

    1. Lots. I played Star Wars, Star Trek, Vampire, Warhammer, Shadowrun, Earthdawn and Dragon Age and Dungeons and Dragons, but I prefer Warhammer for DnD. I also ran various campaigns for Warhammer, Vampire, Star Wars and occasionally Dragon Age. Sadly I don’t get to do any now as my groups have all disbanded or play at times when I can’t. I am contemplating an RPG for the world of my books but that is a LOT of work so may not be for a while. What games did you play?


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