Another block party post. Day 1.

The Saturated Page

I’ve never been one for block parties in meatlife, but I imagine I’ve never been to the right kind of block parties. Can you imagine a block party hosted by and comprised of writers? Okay, sure, we’re just like other people, running the gamut from wild extroverts to quiet introverts, but in my writerly block party fantasy there are pockets of cafe tables and steaming mugs of tea and cocoa and wine, stacks of books, and notebooks, both electric and paper, scattered here and there, people invariably talking shop or writing or reading or discussing their latest discovery. So, I suppose that’s less block party and more a day at the office, but it’s my fantasy, so deal with it.

I discovered this Indie Block Party thanks, of course, to Juli D. Revezzo, networking extraordinaire, and promptly signed up. And, if you’ve read my previous entry, had a houseguest…

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