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Indie block party small One of the activities suggested for the Indie Blog Party was a brief mention of our Works in Progress. As some of you may know my second novel – The Shining Citadel – was released at the end of May. I had hoped to release it before but due to personal circumstances, including the death of my mother from cancer about a year ago work on that book was delayed.

There was also the matter of changing the ending…which of course means subsequent ideas also have to change.   I am not a planner, I am a ‘pantser’ so more often than not the stories go the way they want to go. I see the beginning and the end but the middle is negotiable, this is within the over-reaching story arc which lives in my head and pokes me at inconvenient moments. Thus book 3 has been tricky. The initial idea I decided was not workable (after about 10 chapters) so I shelved it to work on at a later date in a different guise. Then I came up with this awesome idea…which isn’t… That one may become a short story but until I can work out the holes it goes to live in the “misbehaving story” folder.

So book 3 – well after much contemplating, bouncing ideas around with my sounding board I have found a way of making my original plot for book 3 work. At least I hope so. Book 3 doesn’t yet have a title and is very much a work in progress but IF all goes according to plan will follow on from the events of The Shining Citadel, in the quest for allies, knowledge and magic. Archos and Dii will not feature so prominently but they will feature, and may well have some excitement themselves during the course of the main story. The plan is to follow the adventure of the trolls, Talfor (who was an important character in book 2),  and his his sister Mirandra, who must undergo a rite-of-passage to prove her worthiness to lead her tribe. Of course the adventure is not going to be straight-forward and what they find may have profound influence on later events. The trolls have a complex culture, matrilineal in nature and this will be explored in a world which in many places male dominated.

Book 2 left a few threads untied and these will be picked up in later books, and I am planning some short stories with minor characters both new and established so they should be fun.

I am also working on a collection of short erotica stories the first of which should appear reasonably soon. So if this is to your liking look out for announcements.

Both poetry and short fantasy stories will appear in the next month or so in a couple of anthologies, one of which is a charity event to raise money for a premature baby charity and one which will be a free anthology from a collection of fantasy and sci-fi authors who publish on Smashwords. Again please look here for announcements.

I have just published the large print edition of Book 1 via createspace and book 2 will be along soon. The formatting is …rather fickle so it is taking longer than I anticipated.