Another character interview from a fellow block party attendee.

Here is the link to her author interview.

Short, Sweet, and Snappy

Oh, who to interrogate, I mean interview! Normally, I interview Serenity, star of The Keepers’ Chronicles, but today I fancy a bit of a change up for the Indie Block Party. And who should be in the forefront of my mind today but Lizzy.


She’s a big part of The Keepers’ Chronicles, and is related to Serenity. She’s her great-great-niece, with about another fifty greats on there.


Me: Lizzy, what was your life like growing up?

Lizzy: You should know, you wrote it!

Me: *sighs* Please?

Lizzy: Oh, ok. Strange about describes it. Maybe exciting. All the places we lived and all the things I saw! But at the same time, strange because I was so young and didn’t really know what all these dreams were about. And then there was Aunt Sere. She wasn’t always happy. Actually, she was never happy, but…

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