Interesting and useful. Editing can be tricky and in some cases quite soul destroying but it is important for a great book. Content editing makes for a book with strong plot and characters, and a well-built world. At least it should do.

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hot-type-911122-mI’m in the middle of a first draft edit, so editing is definitely on my mind. Because of that, I got to thinking about content edits today, and all that is involved in editing a troubled draft. (Believe me, every first draft is troubled in its way.)

As I go through my novel, I realize that I’m skipping over some things in order to come back to them. And I think that’s okay. I think that’s the most sanity-stabilizing approach I could take right now.

You see, content edits are tough stuff. They are intricate and complex. One ripple could set off major waves in a different scene (or even scenes).  And I can’t handle all of that all at once.

The good thing is, I don’t have to.

I realized, as I was trying to plan out this post, that you can break content edits down categorically. And you…

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