Yay Steampunk:)

Christopher Stocking

It’s almost my birthday, which means that I’m bound to get some presents. Presents are pretty cool, especially when one of them is the Steampunk Bible.

As someone who both writes and enjoys steampunk, this was an excellent present from my mother. It’s hardcover, and it’s shiny, and the pages are crisp and glossy, and it’s really nice. There are excellent photos and descriptions as well.

At first, my wife and I figured this isn’t the kind of book you read. This is the kind of book you leave out on your coffee table for glancing through, or for guests to look at, and to help explain just what the hell steampunk is. Although my family was still a little confused at this notion of steampunk. My grandmother thought it was something that you go see. Like a show. Which I suppose isn’t entirely inaccurate. Certainly there are tons…

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