Charity Summer Anthology

No sleeves and short dresses cover - summer anthology.

Some months ago I was approached by a fellow Goodreads author who was planning a charity anthology of dark fiction, fantasy, horror and poetry based around a summer theme. As it happened the charity initially chosen did not work out so now the royalties are to be donated to which is a charity dedicated to supporting premature babies and their families.

Many babies are born too early. I was, as was another family member and although we have not suffered any serious long term effects many tiny babies can be extremely poorly. Not to mention the stress and anguish suffered by the families of these wee tots. Bliss is a charity which provides support for families, including literature and publications, support groups and fund raising.

So that is the charity what is my addition to the book? The Tale of Treyna the Beloved is a short fantasy fairy tale of love, betrayal and revenge. When a god loves a mortal it rarely ends well, especially if she is coveted by another.

There should be something for everyone in this collection, horror, fantasy, romance, poetry so please take a look and spread the word. I believe it should be appearing on Kindle shortly.

Good Reads Book Page

Authors included in this work:

Sharon Atkinson – poet

Alexandra Butcher (me) – Dark fantasy/fantasy romance

Tony Gilbert

Chris Brown

Sally Holtam

Mark Mackey – Horror and fantasy

Sheila Harris

Jennifer Beck

Christine Steendam – Sci Fi, Historical Fiction

Renee Ball

Kyle Forrest

Leanne Drain

Eva King

S. Cu’anam Policar – YA, Fantasy Paranormal

Trisha Jones – Horror

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