Author Interview with Leeland Artra

Thread Slivers is a good indie fantasy, which I reviewed a while back, Sharing this interview with author Leeland Artra as it was such a lot of fun.

Words on the Page

I’m so excited to welcome fantasy author Leeland Artra to Saturday Coffee with Authors! We are in a marketing group together, use the same cover artist, and his debut novel, Thread Slivers, is one of my favorite indie reads ever. I can’t wait for Thread Strands!


Tell us about yourself.  When did you start writing and what made you start?

I started writing in 1973 because the nuns said I had to. Then I learned to spell. After that I kinda lost interest mostly due to boring school assignments. But, that didn’t stop from doing weird things like waiting till all my over achieving classmates finished their assignments earlier, offering to proofread them, and proceed to use them as source material with full citations. My English teachers got a real kick out of that and I usually got higher scores than most.

Of course when I started roll playing in…

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