In praise of the Braille display!

This is an interesting blog from a nice chap who has both limited hearing and almost no sight. He has recently acquired this wonderful piece of kit – a braille reader which allows him to enjoy books as never before. Books available in braille are limited, expensive and as the cost of producing them is high indies are unlikely to be able to afford to sell their books in this format. Now able to link to blue-tooth devices this has opened up a vast world. What an awesome device!

Hearing Again

One of the things we were most worried about during the 3 plus weeks between my operation and the switch on was how I would keep myself entertained.

Not being able to see means that, for example, I rely on audio output to access my computer via something called a screenreader, (I use JAWS by Freedom Scientific) that literally does what it says on the tin and tells me what is on screen. Using the keyboard and various shortcut keystrokes, I can easily move around the screen, browse the internet, read emails etc. Obviously, if I couldn’t hear very well, then all this was going to be closed off to me. We just resigned ourselves to the fact that I was going to have a very dull few weeks with my only entertainment being provided by the RNIB’s braille library. This was until we heard about Braille Displays. Braille displays…

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