Some readers equate low prices with low quality, which of course is not always the case. Pricing is a tricky conundrum – how high is too high for an e-book and an unknown or little-known author? Personally I wouldn’t pay more than about 4.99 for an e-book unless I was really keen on the author or the book was large. I suppose it is buyer confidence – why is this book cheap? Why is this book that expensive? However it might well depend on genre and audience.

Kobo Writing Life

By Mark Lefebvre, Director of Self-Publishing & Author Relations, Kobo

“I see dead prices!”  Yes, I know, I’m riffing on a line from M. Night Shymalan’s The Sixth Sense. But if it gets your attention and helps you earn more money as an author, I’m okay with that.

I had the pleasure of being on a 2013 Romance Writers of America Conference panel called Self-Publishing for the Professional Author in Atlanta in July.

On the panel with me were Julia Coblentz from Barnes and Noble, Mark Coker from Smashwords and Jon Fine from Amazon.  The four of us discussed trends we had recognized through each of our businesses. Among them was an interesting trend: a universal dead price point for eBooks.

You see, when I first encountered this, I thought it might be unique to Kobo.

Then, the results of a survey that Mark Coker released back in…

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