Review – Freya AD 800 Historical fiction

Read from September 12 to 16, 2013

Goodreads indie group non fantasy book of the month.
I struggled to rate this as somewhere between 3 and 4 stars.
I did enjoy the book and the concept of the female main character, and her thoughts and difficulties whilst the menfolk were away Freya is realistic, she has fears, loves and strength and it is nice to see a book with a strong female lead set in such a time. She is very human, with the frailties involved.However there were a few scenes which didn’t quite work for me. One scene in particular near the beginning (a rape scene) I found disturbing and over done, which almost made me stop reading. It was not out of place as an event just rather gratuitously done, although the way the aftermath was handled was well written and well characterised.The ending seemed rather abrupt and almost unfinished, almost rushed and I would have liked a bit more. There were a couple of lose ends which could have done with tying up.

Over all the concept was interesting enough and the descriptive scenes worked well, portraying the world nicely but I did find it a little generic regarding Viking practices. Not all Vikings were marauders who raped and pillaged, that said the author did deal with those concepts fairly well and a couple of the characters questioned the behaviour which was a nice touch.

Enjoyable read 3.5 stars and an interesting dip into the era.

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