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I have been searching for a suitable writing course for a while, especially one which was reasonably priced and could be done in my own time. I have studied online before and during my Open University Diploma maintained a job so I know how tricky it can be trying to juggle work, study and other commitments.

I found https://www.coursera.org/course/basicwriting run by Coursera, who seem to have a large assortment of online courses. Students from all over the world can enroll and participate, there are weekly modules of study, assignments which are peer assessed, quizzes and videos. Each module is worth a certain number of points and 80% is the pass rate for this particular course.

This one looks relatively basic, but it is a start and it is never a wasted endeavor to reinforce what one knows (or thinks they know – which may not be the same) and there is always something new to learn. The guidelines state 4-5 hours a week are needed per block, so that does not cut into work time or writing time too heavily.

Week one- Overview: Becoming a Successful Online Learner is now completed and passed, this was more how to study online as many people would not have participated in such a course before. One exercise involved setting up an online calendar and another was participation in the online forums.

Week 2 is dealing with Subjects and Verbs so this will get down to the writing based work.  There is an online text book, plus various other useful tools.

Watch this space….