Review – The Sacred Band

Review – The Sacred Band – Fantasy /Heroic/Mythological Adventure by Janet Morris

5 stars

One of the signs of a great book, for me at least, is the urge to continue reading it despite the fact it is very late or there is something else I really should be doing. This was one such book.

Spawned from the Thieves’ World series and interwoven with historical research and ancient sources the story covers the rescue of the missing members of the Sacred Band of Thebes, who fought at the Battle of Chaeronea and whose whereabouts are unknown to history.

In the style of the myths of old, such Homer, this is a great adventure filled with war – and there is a LOT of that – love, loyalty and bravery far beyond the call of duty, not to mention interfering deities, wicked wizards, conflict and change, balance and harmony.

The world of Tempus and his companions has been extensively researched, and it shows, for the world is extremely rich, totally believable and yet utterly fantastic. The reader experiences a ride of epic and heroic proportions, from the graphic battle scenes, including the shock and loss, to the weapons, armour, lifestyles and religion of the world.

The characters are engaging, varied and interesting; from the enigmatic and warlike Tempus to the young Niko, who strives for balance.  Heroes abound as they strive to fight an enemy like no other and one who could destroy them and all they hold dear.

An excellent, exciting and totalling enthralling adventure and I look forward to reading many more by this author.

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