Interesting interview with a multi-genre author.



Denise: The last time I talked to you, you had a few books in your author portfolio. There are so many more. What inspired you to write not one, but three genres: Science Fiction, Contemporary and Medieval?

Vijaya: I simply cannot limit myself to one genre. I like to create worlds, be it in the past or the future. It makes things difficult for an author, since my readers do not always cross from one genre to the other. To me, though it’s storytelling, action, adventure and romance all the same.

Denise: Are these novels or novellas?

Vijaya: Most of my stories are full novels. I have only four novellas among my twenty something titles. Even my novellas are on the longer side, around 33,000 words.

Denise: Let’s talk about your latest romantic SF novella “Borealis IX – Akira’s Choice.” Why does bounty hunter Akira Karyudo feel something isn’t quite…

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