Sunday Surprise

Another of the Wyrd Worlds authors being interviewed.

Barbara G.Tarn - writer

ef35c8744d8253cb93bc3dc034cd5ce7dd630abfAnd it’s not only a Wyrd Worlds author, but also the wondrous gal who had this crazy idea of putting together this anthology! We’re already pressuring her in doing volume two… but here’s her interview! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Steph Bennion!

Where do you live and write from?

I currently live in London, in a leafy suburb a few miles south of the Thames. I have a day job, so my writing is done at home, mainly at the weekends or an occasional snatched evening. I have a love/hate relationship with London; the city provides a wealth of inspiration on cultural, political and historical issues to flavour my writing, but it’s a very expensive place to live and socially quite harsh compared to the rest of England.

When did you start writing?

I started writing and submitting short stories to various publications when I was in my teens…

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