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Journey to Altmortis – Thaddeus White

4 stars


This book was a lot of fun and very well written, with a lot of witty humour and well turned phrases. The characters were amusing, varied and the two female characters are as strong as their male companions.

The world building is interesting, although there could be more, and the different races of people worked well in contrast, I especially enjoyed the sneaky dwarven thief.

The plot was engaging, the suspense well built and the author was not afraid to let his imagination have free rein with the battle scenes. They were well-done and convincing, with a real sense of danger.

That said I felt it could have used more character and world background, as the action started almost immediately and it times it was rather confusing as to why people were behaving as they were. There is an event near the end which was a surprise as there had been no hint of it until that point and I did find that a little unconvincing. It was the second book, so it may well be the characters are introduced in more detail in the earlier book. I also found the ending a little rushed.

Overall a good, and enjoyable read, and well written.