This was an astonishing book, utterly enthralling.

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I, the Sun, by Janet Morris Available on Amazon for around $26.00 in paperback and $10.00 in Kindle.

the suneSince history is one of my first and most cherished loves I am rather picky when seeking the “historical fiction” story.  It’s not because I don’t enjoy a great story, it’s because I want to read the work of authors that cared enough to really do their homework when it comes to describing people, places and events somewhere in our past.  Janet Morris took me on a journey that I have rarely experienced.  Be prepared to stay up late at night and grab moments in the day until you help The Sun mount his chariot for his final ride.

Throughout the reading of this fascinating and meticulously written history I had to constantly resist the urge to return to my own history texts to see what would happen next.  Morris laces…

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