Amusing post about sexy fantasy heroes and heroines 🙂

Legends of Windemere

Originally, I was going to write my opinion on how to write a seductive, sexy character in fantasy fiction.  I’m not an expert on this, but it’s a topic that the debut of Sari has prompted me to think about.  Anyway, I went looking for a good picture to use for that post.  It was a ridiculous search considering everything was barely clothed women.  Even when I typed ‘fantasy art sexy man’, it was predominantly women.  Still, the male pictures that did show up where the same thing too.  In fact, the guys had less clothing than the women.  I do not count strategically placed mist as an article of clothing.  It was a frustrating 15 minute search that led me to change my topic today.

What do you need to make a traditionally sexy fantasy character?  Well, let’s Frankenstein ourselves a pair of hotties:


  1. Rippling muscles in…

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