Review – Sub Rosa – Fairytale retelling

Sub Rosa by Mia Darien

4 Stars

Short and sweet:) This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast – with a twist. I fell it could have done with being a wee bit longer but it was fun for a short read and quite cleverly executed. The main characters were interesting, and pretty different – one modern and one trapped in the past. The twist really worked, and made the outcome more poignant. Only a couple of things niggled – it felt a little rushed and was a bit choppy and some of the other characters could have been fleshed out more. That said it WAS a short story.

Overall well done and I’ll be looking out for more from this author.

2 thoughts on “Review – Sub Rosa – Fairytale retelling

  1. With 59 pages to tell the story, it’s a little bit longer than what’s usually considered a short story. That’d be more along the lines of a novella., So, wouldn’t the choppy or incompleteness that might be more understandable in a short story be more of a flaw for the story’s flow?


    1. That’s why I commented on it, really. Reading on my Kindle I lose track of book length. It’s a good little story but could use a bit more substance, especially around some of the minor characters and the history of the major characters.


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