This author is much more organised than me. I should really be more disciplined.

Morgen Bailey

During one of our Facebook (or it might have been Twitter) conversations, guest blogger and author Ditrie Sanchez said she’d like me to write about writing rituals. I’m hoping that she wasn’t meaning mine specifically because I’m ashamed to say (maybe I shouldn’t be) that I don’t have one.

I have a routine because my life is fairly structured (blogging twice a day, the day job, my writing groups on a Monday night, another on the first Tuesday of every month, another every other Thursday, dog, house, Red Cross volunteering and so on) but I don’t write enough. Some would say that it’s not surprising because I have so much going on but I want to be a writer… for a living – I’m escaping the day job shortly… so it should be my number one priority, shouldn’t it?

So I guess I have a writing-related ritual. The alarm goes…

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