Character Interview Number Six – Soren Gormson – Historical/Paranormal

Tell Us About Yourself
Name (s): Soren Williamson (AKA Soren Gormson)

Age: 32

Please tell us a little about yourself. I was once a fearsome Danish warrior who killed more men than I can count.  The name Soren is known far and wide for the victories that I won.  I was a Berserker who fought without fear and had no equal on the field of battle.  I came to Frankia as part of a huge fleet of warriors to raid the land and take control of Paris and its riches.  We took Rouen and then continued on to lay siege to Paris.  During the siege I had a violent disagreement with one of the Jarls (that was resolved by my blade) and I left the campaign to set out on my own.  During my travels I did battle with evil creatures that were plaguing the land.  I faced each of the beasts, and with the strength of my arm and the edge of my blade spilled their blood and put an end to their miserable lives.

I now live the quiet life of a fisherman with my wife and son.  Although I am no longer raiding villages, my sword remains sharp and is always close at hand.

Describe your appearance in 10 words or less. Tall, broad shouldered, rugged, hard.

Do you have a moral code? If so what is it? I do now.  When I was going Viking with my fellow Danes I would kill anyone who stood in my way, and enjoyed doing it.  But now I believe in protecting the innocent and destroying those who seek to harm them.

Would you kill for those you love? Yes.  I have before and would again if needs be.

Do you like animals? I have not had much luck with animals, having tangled with wild boar, bear and sharks to name a few.  I did make a nice cloak out of a bear’s fur once though.  But I guess other than roasting them over a fire to eat, I don’t much care for animals.

Can you remember something from your childhood which influences your behaviour? As a teenager I was knocked into the sea during my first battle and spent several years surviving on my own in a strange land.  It was during that time that I grew into manhood and became a Berserker.  I had to kill to survive not only became very good at it, but learned to love watching an enemy fall to my sword.

Please give us an interesting and unusual fact about yourself. I have an ancient rune burned into the palm of my hand.

Tell Us About your world

Please give us a little information about the world in which you live. I live on the coast of Frankia in a village made up of both Franks and Danes who have learned to live together in peace.  Our village is unique, however.  Many of my countrymen continue to live the life of raiding and pillaging further into this land, as well as in places across the channel like Mercia, North Umbria, East Anglia and Wessex.

This is a time of war and conquest, where a multitude of different forces are fighting each other for land, wealth and power throughout the region.

Does your world have religion or other spiritual beliefs? Yes there are many religions and beliefs.  Yet rather than bringing greater compassion and understanding to the world, these religions have been the cause of many of the wars being fought today.  In fact, there is currently a battle between the Christians and what they call the “Pagan religions” like those practiced by my countrymen.  Men continue to fight and die over their religious beliefs.

I was raised to worship the warrior gods like Odin, Thor and Tyr, but was later baptized as a Christian to worship their one true God.  After learning many amazing truths from an ancient warrior, I developed my own personal faith which blends the two religions into one.

Do you travel in the course of your adventures? If so where? I hail from the land of the Danes and have travelled to the Norse lands and across the sea to Frankia.

Does your world have magic? If so how is it viewed in your world? There are some that believe in magic and others who say that it is nothing but simple tricks meant to confuse the weak minded.

The Christians see magic as a sign of the devil and believe anyone who uses it is evil. I have learned to harness supernatural powers to both heal and destroy, and have seen other beings with the same abilities.  I know that magic is very real, but it is the user who is either good or evil, not the power itself.
Name a couple of myths and legends particular to your culture/people. Thor’s exploits against the Jotuns, Tyr sacrificing his hand to chain the great wolf Fenrir and Odin and his brothers creating the first humans are but a few of the legends told by my people.

Does your world have any supernatural/mystical beings? Yes, I can personally verify that there have been Nephilim, Dark Nephilim, Demons, Demonspawn, Hellhounds and Dragons in this land.  After the things I have seen and done battle with, I believe that many of the other creatures thought to prowl the night exist as well.

Author notes:

Book(s) in which this character appears.

Iron Song – Book Two of the Nephilim Chronicles

Author name:Travis Ludvigson

Website/Blog/Author pages etc.


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