Beyond Wizardwall – Review – Fantasy/Mythic/Heroic fantasy

Book Review – Beyond Wizardwall – Janet Morris.

5 Stars

The final instalment of the ‘Beyond’ series does not disappoint. Again it is an emotive read, Nikodemos suffers more than any other character and those scenes are heart breaking, yet not one scene or line is wasted, not one scene or line is out of place and reader has to continue reading to find out what happens. Does he survive? Does his maat return?  Are plots within plots the breaking of the Stepsons?  This is not a book for the faint of heart, but battle is not kind, nor gentle, nor pleasant. There is not simply the battle of man against man, but of magic and politics, gods and demigods and thus carnage reigns.

This book ties up situations brought to us in earlier books, explains some issues alluded to and sets the scene for other excursions with the Sacred Band. Relationships are forged, and broken, and trust stretches to breaking point with repercussions to come. An intellectual and complex fantasy, which takes the reader to the edge of tears and the heights of joy, an unashamed ride of epic proportions.

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