Here are my main characters talking about their relationship

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For our next couple interview for Love and Magic Week, I’m happy to welcome Archos and Dii, from The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles by A.L. Butcher. And be sure to go check out A.L.’s big birthday and Valentine’s giveaway at her site!

The Light Beyond the Storm cover1. How did you meet?

Archos: Dii’s magic called to me across the Realms of Magic. She had touched and helped a magic Mirror, one of the old elven artefacts even though Mirror magic is rare. That old Mirror called to mine, I had to see who had activated it. As for actually meeting… I only wish it had been in better circumstances, Dii was imprisoned in an Order fort and was very badly hurt. She almost died.
Dii: He saved my life. I cannot remember first meeting as I was unconscious but I recall our first meeting after I awoke. Archos is a powerful man…

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