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Stencil Press is proud to release its first Heroic Fantasy short story anthology: “Nine Heroes.”  “Nine Heroes” is a collection of short stories from some of the most exciting fantasy authors working today.  Proceeds from the work will go towards promoting the Heroic Fantasy Facebook group.  The hope is that this book will generate sufficient funds to allow the members of Heroic Fantasy to promote the work of new and upcoming writers.

Stories include:

Black Sword by Janet Morris and Chris Morris

The Act of Sleepless Nights by Walter Rhein

To Kill a Myth by Jesse Duckworth

No Life Too Small by Douglas R. Brown

To Live by Tom Barczak

Dozen by Shane Porteous

Just One Mistake by A.L. Butcher

Witness to Death by Teel James Glenn

Through the Sting of Fairy Smoke by R.A. McCandless

“Nine Heroes” is currently available on the Createspace Bookstore and available through Amazon here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nine-Heroes-Tales-heroic-Fantasy/dp/1495420388

Please visit the create space “Nine Heroes” page and help us out by clicking the blue Facebook “like” button available there.

Review copies of “Nine Heroes” are currently available.  To request a review copy, please send an email to walterrhein@gmail.com.  Please include a link to a recent review.  Reviews should be posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and your personal blog (if applicable).

Also please check out the other works by the authors of “Nine Heroes” which are currently available.

The Sacred Band by Janet and Chris Morris

To learn more about Janet and Chris Morris, please visit their web page at:


 The Reader of Acheron by Walter Rhein

To learn more about Walter Rhein, please visit his web pages at:




 A Song of Betrayal by Jesse Duckworth

To learn more about Jesse Duckworth, please visit his web page at:


The Rise of Cridon by Douglas R. Brown

To learn more about Douglas R. Brown, please visit his web page at:


 Veil of the Dragon by Tom Barczak

To learn more about Tom Barczak, please visit his web page at:


How Gods Bleed by Shane Porteous

The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles by A.L. Butcher

To learn more about A.L. Butcher, please visit her web page at:


Songs of a Warrior Priest by Teel James Glenn

To learn more about Teel James Glenn, please visit his web page at:


Tears of Heaven by R.A. McCandless

To learn more about R.A. McCandless, please visit his web page at: