Thanks, I am Self-Published but I’ve heard horror stories about some small publishers, That said there are some really great ones about as well. Do your research, see how others have got on, look at all the options. ‘Do what is best for your book’ that is good advice.

Tricia Drammeh

I thought long and hard about posting this, shelved it for a while, and eventually decided the issue is too important to ignore. If this post forces one author–just one–to look a little more closely into his or her publishing options, I’ll feel like some of my experiences had a purpose.

Now, in order to avoid being sued or hurting any feelings, I want to stress the fact that this post isn’t about my publisher, your publisher, or any specific publisher. This isn’t a call for folks to name names or ‘out’ unscrupulous publishing companies. It isn’t a place to shame authors who have made uninformed choices. This is a  place to share our collective knowledge about the publishing industry and to help our friends make their own choices by providing as much information as possible.

We’re going to talk about the plague of independent publishers. There are more small…

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