Please welcome my special guest, A.L. Butcher. She’s the author of The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles–an adult fantasy/fantasy romance series, with a touch of erotica. Please enjoy her insightful interview as well as her excerpt for The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles Book 1.

LBTS_Book_I1.  Do you have any advice for other authors trying to get published?

Be patient, write and write, and read the FAQ and TOS of the sites you use carefully.

The likelihood is you won’t see a massive return on your first book, be realistic as it takes time to build a following. Also don’t rush the book, it will be done when it is ready. If you can’t afford an editor try and get some beta readers, to look through and critique. If you can afford an editor get one.

Make sure you are clear who you are doing business with–if, for example…

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