Here’s another author interview from the blog of Lucy Pireel.

All That's Written ...

Martin CrosbieHi Martin, thanks for taking the time to answer a few of my questions.

Being a Scot, do you ever wear a skirt? Sorry, kilt. 🙂 And do you wear anything under it when you do. (Couldn’t resist that one)

My buddy got married many years ago and we all wore kilts. I believe that was the only time. It was very liberating. And, quite um, cool too. Did that answer your question completely, Lucy?

 Hahaha, sort of. Hey, that is a very writer-like answer! Not fair, you create suspension when I’m interviewing you! There’s all sorts going through my mind now. I need to Know!

But instead I’ll just ask you what you think of Haggis.

Whenever I’m in Inverness I visit my cousin Yvonne and her family and inevitably she cooks me haggis and neeps (turnips). I say all the right things and get it down as her…

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