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It is a wonderful feeling when a new book is released. It is somewhere between terror that no one will like it and utter elation at the beautiful creation.  I am not sure other writers feel this way but I suspect it might be the case.

So what is this one about?

Tales of Erana: Myths and Legends features five short fantasy/fantasy romance stories set in the world of Erana, the world of my novels. It is a dark world where magic is illegal and elves are enslaved but it was not always so. These are tales of the gods and elementals who walked the lands when the magic was wild and free before the Plague decimated the mortal races and magic waned. One of the stories is entirely new – and features some lore and history for the Trollkind and a teaser about a relic which will appear in a later novel. The others have been previously published, but have now been revised and expanded and never before have they been collected together.

The Moon on the Water: The tale of the love between a goddess and a warrior and the terrible curse it brought.

The Tale of Treyna the Beloved: When a mortal woman is pursued by two rival gods even the heavens are wrought by magic.

Storm-Born: A lonely magician finds companionship with a creature of the storm but magic demands a price, what price will it be?

The Blue Phial: A lesson in listening to instruction carefully, lest one makes an embarrassing mistake.

The Legend of Oeliana: A story of a nymph and a toad, jealous magic and debts repaid.

Hopefully this will be a companion piece to the novels but the stories can be read without the prior knowledge, as they work well as an introduction to the world. I hope more such collections will follow.



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