Author of the Week on Paranormal and Fantasy group.

Author Aoife Marie Sheridan




The vampire world is a dangerous place at the best of times, but especially so during a war. Though there is one safe place left. 

‘Dead Fang Hotel’ 

But it’s not a sanctuary for all its residents. 

For Bree it is nothing but a prison. A prison in which to hide from her enemies and the horrors of her dark past. She hates the place and after being carted back there after yet another attempt at escape decides that she has had enough of her constant captivity. Things have to change. The biggest change comes in the form of a tall, dark, sexy as hell vampire assassin. 


But as the two grow ever closer she begins to worry that her past may cost her even more pain than it already has. 

I mean who could love a Fangless vampire.

*This book is Intended for Mature YA/Adult audiences…

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