Meet H.M. Jones

One of the featured authors on the Fantasy and Paranormal Goodreads group.

Angelika Rust

As you know, I don’t usually promote authors whose books I haven’t read. So why am I making an exception in this case? Easy. For one, Ms. Jones’ book touches on a topic I, too, have had my both active and passive experiences with, and about which I, too, have written a book: depression. Two, just like me, she has chosen the fantasy angle to approach the topic, to somehow explain what is going on in a depressed mind by means of fantastical representation. And after having read a few of the reviews her book got on Goodreads, I was more than convinced that I needed to promote her work. In fact, I’ve added it to my (admittedly considerable) to-read pile, so will be able to give you a review of my own soon.

Now, let’s ask her a few questions.

Who are you?HM Jones
My author name is H.M. Jones. I’m…

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