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Kelly's Adventures in Writing

Hello again, Kelly here.  Well, not much to report yet on the writing front, so I thought I’d talk about some helpful writing resources I’ve used online in my years of learning about writing.  Some you may be aware of already, but some may be new to you.  So, here we go…

Online Mentors

– Holly Lisle

Hers is one of the first websites I found when I started learning about writing years ago.  She’s published many novels (Arhel trilogy, Cadence Drake series, among others) and has been a full-time author for years.  She is very passionate about writing and about helping others to succeed at writing.

I’ve purchased a few of her writing books (Create a Plot Clinic, Create A Character Clinic) and have found them very helpful.  She has other big writing courses (How to Think Sideways, How to Write a Series, How to…

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