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Welcome to J. Woods

Where are you from and where do you live now? I am from and currently live in Toronto, Canada

Please tell us a little about your writing – for example genre and title. Anything Romance! My first series was a paranormal romance and this new series I am currently writing is a contemporary romance series.

Where do you find inspiration? I can generally find inspiration anywhere, other books, movies, music, a stroll through the park – and I tend to have an overactive imagination which I guess works well for me 😉

Do you have a favourite character? If so why? I don’t think I could pick just one – I fall a little bit in love with all my characters but my favourites are when I write strong female roles, the take charge, bring it on heroines.

Do you have a character you dislike? If so why? I don’t think there are characters that I dislike per say – there are characters that I have written that reside on the side of evil and my keyboard definitely felt the brunt of those raging emotions.

Are your characters based on real people? I never base an entire character on one particular person – I tend to take specific traits from people and combine them into one person.

Research can be important in world-building, how much do you need to do for your books? Do you enjoy this aspect of creating a novel and what are your favourite resources? I LOVE this aspect of creating a novel! I like to do a lot of research both before and during my writing – knowledge is power! My favourite resources, hmm… I’m big on documentaries and biographies! And I love to pick people’s brains; I ask a lot of questions.

In what formats are your books available? (E-books, print, large print audio) Are you intending to expand these and if not, what is the reason? Right now my books are only available in e-books and expanding into print definitely lies in the future.

Do you self-edit? If so why is that the case? Do you believe a book suffers without being professionally edited? I do not self edit – I have a wonderful editor who has to deal with all of my gibberish! I do think a book suffers without being professionally edited only because a writer will spend hours upon hours with their novel and when they have to go back to apply edits and refinements, for me at least, I get stuck in that tunnel vision. An editor provides a fresh set of eyes and that can truly be what makes or breaks a book.

Do you read work by self-published authors? I love reading self-published authors since I am one myself! I go through books like candy and self-published novels are a big part of the throng for me.

What experiences can a book provide that a movie or video game cannot? A book is so mental where a movie or a video game is more visual. With books, the reader has the ability to create the world as they see it, whether it was the way the author intended or not. They provoke imagination in a way that another form of entertainment can’t provide.

What three pieces of advice would you give to new writers? Keep writing, never give up, don’t get yourself down on bad reviews.

What are your best marketing/networking tips? What are your worst? The best marketing tip I received was just to keep writing, the more you write and put out there the more you are exposed!

Most authors like to read, what have you recently finished reading? Did you enjoy it? I LOVE to read – obsessed, probably my favourite thing to do. Recently, I read the latest in Bella Andre’s Sullivan series called Just To Be With You, which was fantastic and I am currently reading Brenna Aubrey’s At Any Turn which I am definitely enthralled in.

Can you name your favourite traditionally published author? And your favourite indie/self-published author? Oh I couldn’t pick just one! I read too many genres to pick one particular writer, but anyone that can give me a happy ever after story… well you’ll have me hooked!

Do you have any pets? I do! I have one wild cat whose name is Stitch J

Can you give us a silly fact about yourself? I can be a huge nerd. I love anything sci-fi – sit me in front of an Ancient Aliens marathon and you won’t see me for hours… possibly days.

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