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Veil of the Dragon – Tom Barczak

4 stars Fantasy.


This was an interesting fantasy, and to me at least I haven’t read anything quite like it before. The pace starts fairly slowly but soon engages the reader well enough and the suspense continues until the end.

Revelations abound for the main character, and the reader and the Dragon of the title is both more and less than he, and the reader imagines. To me this is, in essence, a journey – a journey of faith, self belief (or the lack) and and the journey of life and death, which is not clear cut. It is also a journey of good versus evil.

I would have liked a wee bit more background and description as the history of the world is a little sparse. Over all however this is a great read.

I’d recommend this one to my followers and I will certainly be picking up more books by this author. I’d also liked to say I loved the little sketches between chapters. That was a nice touch.